The Role Of A Safety And Rescue Team

Whenever a plant or factory undergoes a turnaround, there is always a need to have qualified, competent safety staff on hand. Contracting these services out to an established and reputable agency is the best way to ensure that the individuals you have on hand to fill those important safety and rescue roles.  While many people will assume they are simply there in the event of an emergency, there are actually many reasons why having such a team on standby is ideal for your plant. Here are a few facts to help clarify the role of a safety and rescue team during your plant’s turnaround.

Provide Assistance and Training To Staff

One important task of any safety or rescue crew is to help ensure that your staff is properly trained for the type of work that will be performed during the turnaround, including being educated in any safety provisions that are important to keep in mind. These individuals will also remain on hand to provide assistance and guidance throughout the task, in order to ensure that your employees remain as safe as possible during potentially dangerous work.

Evaluate Worksite for Potential Risks

Before the turnaround even begins, safety and rescue crews will come by to survey your site in order to assess it for any potential risks to the safety of your staff. They will note any training, information, or education that needs to be given to your own employees, and will complete an evaluation to ensure that they send the right team of people, and the right equipment, to be on hand throughout the duration of the turnaround.

Provide Rescue Services in Emergency Situations

In the event that something does go wrong, the safety team is there to ensure that a rescue is launched as fast as possible, in order to minimize the ongoing risk to your plant and to your employees. After surveying the entire site, they will ensure to have the best possible equipment, suited for that particular type of rescue, on hand.

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