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How to Add the Right Lighting to Your Home

Lighting is a huge concept when it comes to interior design but also for those of us that utilize a living space. Lamps in Chicago specializes in finding the right amount of depth needed to add a brightens to any living quarters without losing touch with the interior...

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What Should I know About Thermostat Housings?

As you know, your car’s engine can get hot. The combustion of fuel in such a contained system means that the engine block gets scorching. So how does your car operate at these temperaturens? Simple, it is regulated by a complex cooling system designed to keep...

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Setting the Bar for Tube Guards

Not all tube guards are created equal, and Engineered Products Company (EPCO) sets the bar higher with incomparable quality, stock and service. By manufacturing tube guards at their U.S. headquarters, EPCO’s in-house extrusion process ensures greater control over...

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