Understanding the Importance of the Right Marine Primary Wire

Selecting the correct marine primary wiring for your generators, motors, and batteries is important for a number of different reasons. If you use the wrong wiring size, it can lead to a number of different problems and can even cause your boat to catch on fire. Here are a few reasons why using the right wire is so important.

High-Quality Equipment Deserves High-Quality Wiring

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest in high-quality electronics but then use low-quality wiring to provide them with power. Choosing high-quality 10 AWG marine primary wire is important because it will resist moisture and oil as well as high heat. The higher the quality, the better the components are to withstand years of heavy use.

Make Sure the Cable Is the Right Size

If you use the wrong size cable, your equipment will not be able to get the correct amperage. If it can’t draw the amount of current it needs, then at best, it won’t function at all. At worst, you could damage the equipment and have to replace it. Make certain you know when to use 10 AWG marine primary wire and when you need to use something different. Be sure to take into account a safety margin since some equipment may use additional current than it’s rated due to low voltage, heat, and other environmental factors.

The Terminals and Cables Need to Match

Finally, remember that it’s important for your terminals and cable sizes to match. A 10-gauge terminal will need to be paired with 10 AWG marine primary wire in order to function correctly. Some terminals are actually designed to fit multiple cable sizes, so make certain you know what sizes your terminals take.

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