Month: July 2015

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Bullet Proof Glass for the Common Individual

The rise of gun possession has turned out to be widespread to the point that numerous individuals, especially those in the business segment, are trying to install Bullet proof glass fittings. These fittings are as a preventive measure for weapon proprietors whom are...

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The Telescopic Cylinder: A Variation On a Theme

If you are familiar with hydraulic cylinders, you understand that they are, to a very large extent, created equally. They are basic and essential workhorses, being employed in a wide variety of industries to perform various functions. Without their small but vital...

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Selecting A Screw Conveyer

A screw conveyor, which may also be known as an auger, is essential in many different applications. It is extremely useful in moving dry materials, such as powders, pellets, grains or granules, or any other solid substance that flows. Since a screw conveyor is...

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