Get Great Service from a Customer-Focused X-Ray Tube Manufacturer

When it comes to purchasing reliable x-ray tubes, it’s important to use a manufacturer that puts your needs as a primary focus. Micro X-Ray is a customer-focused x-ray tube manufacturer that keeps their customers as a main focus. They produce more than just the standard line of x-ray products and tubes. When you’re in need of small focal spot x-ray tubes they can fit your specs, and offer custom services that keep your objectives as the entire focus. Get the unique solutions you’ve always wanted for your applications.

Get the X-Ray Tubes You Want with the Performance Configurations You Need

Mini focus x-ray tubes made from glass are available using a variety of materials and configurations. Those configurations include high stability, a small focal spot as well as wide beam angles. You can also order them with beryllium windows that are perfectly suited for OEMs. Those types of x-ray tubes have the ability to isolate and shield x-ray tubes safely. They require a connection to a low voltage and a high voltage power supply. Micro X-Ray is always ready to assist you in finding the x-ray tubes just like these, that will fit your applications. Do you need tubes for other types of applications? Choose from multiple configurations available with mounting flange and beryllium windows.

They Say That ‘Image Is Everything’

‘Image is everything!’ That’s precisely why Micro X-Ray works hard to ensure you get the x-ray tubes you require at prices you can afford. The end results are what matter the most. Turn to them for customized solutions that make your end results profitable. They recognize high standards and will provide you with customized tubes that fit your specifications faultlessly. Get clearer images using x-ray tubes they have manufactured with round, small focal spots that minimize un-sharpness to provide clearer images.

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