Why Routine Fire Extinguisher Inspections Are Beneficial

A fire in your commercial building can cause a lot of damage. The damage done by fires in the United States annually costs around $14 billion. The first line of defense is a fire extinguisher. By law, commercial properties in Los Angeles have to be equipped with fire extinguishers. Each year, you should get this fire protection equipment inspected to ensure they are working properly. Here are some of the reasons a routine fire extinguisher inspection is vital.

Checking for Signs of Corrosion

The majority of fire extinguishers on the market are made from either steel or aluminum. These metals are perfectly suited to withstand the pressure from the gas inside of the extinguisher. If you mount some extinguishers around the outside of your building, they may begin to corrode and rust over time.

During a fire extinguisher inspection in Los Angeles, professionals will thoroughly inspect the extinguisher cylinder to ensure there are no issues. If the cylinder in question has begun to rust or corrode, fire protection professionals will replace it.

Making Sure the Extinguishers Have Not Been Tampered With

If a commercial building is open to the public, there is a chance the fire extinguishers mounted in this space can be tampered with. All it takes is for someone to remove the safety pin and pull the handle on a fire extinguisher to create a big mess. Fire protection professionals will inspect the hose, safety seal and fire extinguisher gage thoroughly during their inspection. If the extinguisher has been tampered with, the technician will refill the ABC or BC powder that has been dispersed.

Getting a comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection is easy with the help of Fire Protection Group. This Los Angeles-based fire protection company has a great deal of experience they can put to work for you.

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