An Integrated Security System Will Require a Financial Investment

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Fire and Security

For the safety and security of employees, students, visitors and the general public, a business or school district should be prepared to make the financial investment that reflects the quality of the security system. A business or other organization will want to think about business costs, employee payrolls and other expenditures before investing in security systems in Louisville, KY. The downside to not protecting people and property in a public business environment is an invitation for injuries, threats and even lawsuits at a later date.

Choose the Right Provider

The starting point to selecting the right security system for any facility is first identifying, researching and selecting the right security provider. Do a thorough search, both online and by asking your contacts and business associates. Often times the right provider is referred by a friend or business colleague who may have a security system for their business. Ask many questions of any provider: How many years in business? Who are some of their clients? What security challenges have they encountered? How did they solve these difficult security threats? In addition, find out about which type of technology and digital tools they use in any type of integrated security systems in Louisville, KY.

Don’t Let Cost Be the Deciding Factor

Most businesses and organizations will make a choice based on cost first. Don’t be tempted to do the same. Cost should be a factor, but don’t make it the only and most important factor. A business should know their budget and use it wisely. However, ask many questions of your provider of security systems in Louisville, KY. Determine what type of support they provide should a problem occur and which problems they handle most often. What type of technology is used in their systems? Is it one camera with no audio and no monitoring system? Does this provider have an integrated security offering with video, audio, digital and all-around monitoring capability? Choose the right security system with the proper amount of support.

For more information on integrated security systems in Louisville, KY, visit the Sonitrol of Louisville website.

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