4 Ways to a Lovely and Stress-Free Boudoir Shoot

Preparing for a photo shoot on top of a wedding can be a bit of a challenge. Read on for advice on how to prepare for a wedding boudoir photography in Orange County all while you handle a flurry of gown-fittings, cake-tastings, Mother-of-the-Bride (or Groom) tantrums, RSVP cards, and more.

Talk to your photographer

Time management is key. Find a photographer you’re comfortable with, and talk to her about your plans, your timetable and what you want to happen. Be on the same page. A good photographer can help you figure out what you need to do before the shoot, handle a few of the details like booking the location, and make things easier for you.

Get a hairstylist and makeup artist

Worry less when you hire pros to help you get ready for your shoot. Reach out and ask friends and family for a hairstylist and makeup artist to fix your hair and makeup. If you want to look your best for those images, then hire pros. Fifty years from now, you’ll be looking at those photos, amazed at how wonderful you look, and you’ll find yourself thanking your past self for getting a glam squad to get you ready.

Shop for new lingerie

Use new lingerie for the shoots. Investing in new sets of sexy underwear is a great way to mark the occasion and prepare for married life, Bridal Musings says. Make sure you pick ones that you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t all have to be super tight or revealing. You can be sexy without revealing too much skin.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

While being nervous is okay, if there’s something you’re not comfortable with, let your photographer know right off. Speak up. The point of services like wedding boudoir photography in Orange County is for you to have a fun and wonderful time.

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