Outstanding Uses for Bottles from Custom Water Bottles Distributors

When it comes to marketing for your business, there are hundreds or thousands of options available to you. However, traditional marketing does not always do the job that it used to do. If you hate commercials, there is ad-free radio now. If you prefer to avoid ads online, all you have to do is download an ad blocker. That is where custom bottled water label solutions come in. Exposure matters with advertising and nothing is better than doing that organically. We wanted to offer a list of uses for custom water bottles with your company name across the front.

Waiting Rooms & Reception Areas

If you have some sort of waiting room for clients or customers, this is a great place to have your custom water bottles. You can hand out a cold bottle of water to everyone who steps inside. That shows you care about your relationship with the other person. It also means that person is walking away with an item that does its marketing for you. Companies like Alexa Springs make the process of getting these bottles easy, so there’s nothing to lose.

Trade Shows & Conferences

Most companies spend at least some amount of time at conferences, trade shows, or expos. These places are utterly packed with people who may or may not know much about your brand. It also stands to reason that many of them will be thirsty after a day of walking and talking. That is where you come in with your custom bottled water label solutions. Hand out cold water to anyone who wants one and that person is your new advertisement for the brand.

Non-Profit Events

Many businesses today take pride in advocating for some kind of cause. If you have something you care about, you can be a sponsor for the event. If there’s a 5K, be the one who provides the bottles for it. You can include the event name, along with the logo of your company. It is a great way to be seen and thought of positively. Even passing out water bottles at other types of events can be an excellent idea.

There are hundreds of ways to make custom water bottle labels work for you. At Alexa Springs, we have seven strategic bottling locations. We take care of everything to make the process easy. Your logo. Our bottle.

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