The Top Reasons Trade Shows In Miami Are More Popular Than Ever

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Small Business

It may seem surprising to some in this day and time of increasing use of digital marketing and advertising attendance at trade shows in Miami and around the country has constantly trended upwards.

It really isn’t a surprise to us at Small Business Expo as we have been presenting trade shows nationally in 10 major metropolitan areas around the United States. We consistently find from Dallas to New York City and from Philadelphia to Seattle people want to see and know who they are doing business with.

The Personal Interaction

We don’t know one small business owner or entrepreneur who loves doing cold calls. The very nature of calling someone up out of the blue to offer a product or service is just so unnatural most people avoid it.

However, at our trade shows in Miami you won’t have a negative experience. You can walk up to a booth and have a discussion, network and connect, ask questions and actually interact face-to-face with those small business owners and entrepreneurs you are interested in learning more from and about.

Live Demonstrations

We are not sure about the math, but if a picture is worth a thousand words we estimate live demonstration is worth at least a million. Presenting a live demonstration is a highly effective way to show your product or service in action. With the ability get contact information from interested attendees this is a simple way to add to your customer base.

Learning in Fun, Informative Short Sessions

As a business owner you don’t have time to take a graduate level business class, even with online options available today. To learn important concepts and trends happening in Miami and around the country the seminars at these trade shows are worth more than most people imagine.

By learning from business leaders in the Miami business community or from nationally recognized presenters in the main stage events, these fun days turn into very educational events.

If you have specific information you may want to present at the conference. If you don’t feel comfortable with a presentation you can still register to buy a booth for the event and provide educational materials for attendees about your products or services.

In our tagline, “Thank you for supporting small business”, we really sum up what we believe about the importance of the small business relationship with clients. To support all types of small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups we offer free admission to all our events, including our trade shows in Miami, which is just one small way we say thank you for all you do.

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