An Experienced Slip And Fall Attorney Will Help When It’s Needed The Most

Most people have heard about someone pouring a liquid on a store floor and pretending to slip and fall, hoping for a quick payout from the store. This type of fraud does not reflect the reality of a legitimate slip and fall accident. The true reality of slip and fall cases is that someone falls and is badly injured, or worse, because someone else was negligent.

The elderly are especially prone to catastrophic injury from a fall. For those over 65, fractures occur in 87% of falls. Half of those people over 65 who suffer a hip fracture as a result of the fall are never able to live independently again in their own homes. Slip and falls do not only happen to older people, of course. Injuries caused by a fall are the leading cause of emergency room visits as well as the primary cause of missed days at work.

A property owner has a responsibility to correct any unsafe condition on their property. The unsafe condition should be repaired or, at the least, a warning sign should be posted or the dangerous area should be marked off (a fence, cones, etc.). If the owner knew about the dangerous condition that caused the fall (loose handrail, ripped carpeting, poor lighting etc.) and did not correct it, legal action may be the proper course of action. Of course, not all falls occur because someone was negligent; some falls are accidents, period. However, the true cause of a fall may not be known until the conclusion of an investigation. A slip and fall case is often very complicated.

In a serious slip and fall case, the true extent of the injuries may not be known for some time. The most serious injuries that are suffered in these accidents are head injuries, spinal injuries and severe fractures. These injuries may leave someone partially or totally disabled for an unknown period of time. All that can be known for a certainty is that the medical bills will be astronomical and the person’s life is changed forever.

The law firm of Chappell Howard E Attorney At Law represents those in South-west Florida who have been injured because of another’s negligence. This Slip And Fall Attorney works tirelessly to get accident victims the compensation that they deserve. Browse the website or contact the office to schedule an appointment to discuss the options with an experienced Slip And Fall Attorney. You can also visit them on Facbook.

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