Popular Courses Available at our Sedona Arizona Massage School

Is a career path in massage therapy on your mind? Are you interested in a peaceful, relaxing, stress free profession? Does teaching appeal to you? Would you like to know how to massage family or yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Sedona Massage School is for you!

There are a variety of courses offered by ASIS Massage Education at the Sedona Massage School. There is no more relaxing setting to pursue an education than our original campus located on five stunning acres. Study during your breaks in the courtyard, watch for wildlife from one of the porches, or take a short stroll down to the banks of the Verde River. Whichever course you choose to enroll in at our Sedona Massage School, you will feel relaxed before ever setting foot in the classroom!

Massage Therapy Course

This full-time course of study at our Sedona Massage School will allow you to graduate in just six months. Along with leaning the various forms and techniques of massage therapy, students also receive instruction in related subjects such as ethics and business, universal precautions, and anatomy and physiology. Included in our 750-hour course is training to become a Certified Chiropractic Assistant, along with invaluable “real world” experience in the student clinic. Upon graduation, ASIS processes all students Arizona Massage State License, and there are no additional massage exams to take or fees to pay.

Massage Teacher Course

Massage therapists become classroom assistants in this 350-hour CE self-directed course at our Sedona Massage School. Through both observation and experience, teachers-in-training gain the knowledge needed to become instructors. Discussions on topics such as curriculum development and teaching dynamics are an important element. To obtain the certificate needed to teach massage therapy, all students must be a licensed massage therapist, and meet strict requirements, including:

1. Write one lesson plan daily
2. Observe a minimum of 250 hours of class time
3. Attend a minimum of 20 hours teacher and staff meetings
4. Observe classes in kinesiology or anatomy, connective tissue massage, Swedish massage, therapeutic process, and two other classes chosen by the student
5. Show proof of existing certification

Continuing Education Workshops

We offer a number of continuing education courses for students at the Arizona’s most beautiful Massage Therapy School.  We offer a wide variety of modalities with some eclectic classes being offered at our Sedona Massage School. Increase the scope of your practice by choosing from among the sampling of workshops below:

1. Abdominal Massage  21 CEU
2. Intro to Hospital Based Massage Therapy: 8 CEU
3. Immersion into Ethics for Massage: 3 CEU
4. Peri Natal Massage: 8 CEU
5. Techniques for Neck and Inter-Oral Work: 16 CEU
6. Shiatsu Therapy for the Seasons – a series of 16 CEU course
7. Infant Massage Instructor Certification: 35 CEU
8. Body Sculpting: Connective Tissue Massage: 14 CEU
9. Acupressure for Every Body: 8 CEU
10. Advanced Techniques for the PSOAS: 13 CEU

Students who wish to register can do so online, over the phone, or in person. To view a complete listing of the courses and workshops that we offer at ASIS Massage Education, visit our website.

At ASIS Massage Education – We are Committed to a Life Worth Living!

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