The Top Reasons to Use a Laser Acrylic Cutter Instead of Traditional Tools

If you regularly work with acrylic, you may rely on traditional tools such as routers, jigsaws, or scoring blades to cut acrylic material or plexiglass. These tools increase the risk of breaking or damaging the material along with leaving a rough edge that needs to be polished. A laser acrylic cutter provides a more efficient solution.

Produce the Same Results Every Time

You may struggle to produce identical parts using traditional cutting methods. An acrylic cutter allows you to program and set the design, ensuring that you always produce the same results when cutting multiple pieces.

The laser beam also provides a precise cut and can follow complex patterns without any errors. By implementing an acrylic laser cutter in your shop, you increase the range of applications that you can provide to your clients.

Laser Cutters Save Time and Money

Using traditional tools to cut acrylic is a time-consuming process. You need to manually follow a pattern or design and may need to follow up with touch-ups and polishing. Manually cutting also increases the risk of mistakes and wasted materials.

An acrylic cutter using a laser cutting head reduces or eliminates many of these hassles. You are less likely to damage the acrylic and the entire process is faster. These advantages reduce the time needed to complete projects and help save on wasted material.

Rent or Buy Machines for Your Shop

Another reason to use an acrylic cutter is that you have the option of renting or buying the machine. Purchasing an acrylic laser machine is a big investment. Before choosing to add another piece of equipment to your shop, you can examine the advantages of laser cutting for yourself by renting a cutter.

These are just a few of the reasons to start using a laser cutter for working with acrylics. If you want to remain competitive and increase your ability to serve a wider client base, consider renting or buying a cutter for your acrylic projects.


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