The Best Ways to Tackle Home Window Cleaning

The windows are often one of the most neglected parts of the home, particularly where cleaning is concerned. Many homeowners assume their windows won’t get too much attention from passersby or visitors anyway; however, the truth is people will notice. Additionally, it never hurts to keep your home looking presentable, and keeping your windows clean is one effective way of doing that. If you’re looking to keep your windows a bit cleaner, here are some tips for residential window cleaning in Nassau County.

Power Tools Can Get the Job Done

Some stains and grime will take more than a little elbow grease to remove. For some of the toughest jobs involving residential window cleaning in Nassau County, consider using a portable buffer, outfitted with a slightly abrasive sponge.

Get Those Pesky Screens Out of the Way

Window screens seem like a convenient home fixture, until you have to take them off to clean up the outside of your windows. Luckily, there is an easy solution for taking them off so you can work on getting your windows properly clean. All you need is an opener, preferably of the paint can variety, you can slip under the screen. These can be found at your nearest hardware store.

Stock Up on Scrubbing Tools

When it comes to effective residential window cleaning in Nassau County, you want to be as thorough as possible. That means cleaning both the outside and inside of your windows. However, you don’t want to bring the scrubber you used for the outside of your windows inside your home. The outside of your windows can attract a lot of nasty grime from the elements, such as animal waste from birds and insects, pollen and similar substances. When you switch to cleaning the inside of your windows, use a totally different scrubber reserved just for the interior of your home.

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