Home Heating Oil in Mystic, CT Is Cheaper than Natural Gas

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Petroleum Products

While the cost of oil that is used to heat the home is on the rise, it still is normally cheaper than natural gas. That is why it is good to know that you can also have the oil delivered to your home with a fixed cap placed on the price. Therefore, you will never pay more than the price cap. Even if the prices are higher than the cap, you will still pay the designated cap.

Have Your Heating System Regularly Checked

When making a selection for the delivery of home heating oil in Mystic, CT, you also want to make sure that your heating system is regularly checked. This can be done more easily when you choose a delivery company that provides both delivery and inspections.

Your system for your home heating oil should be inspected each year and should be part of a regular service contract. When heating systems are inspected or evaluated, the service includes an annual cleaning and all-points inspection.

The technician will also perform system efficiency tests. Parts will be repaired or replaced if needed as well. Preventative maintenance is also performed on certain system components. If you have a water heater that is heated by oil, you can have this device checked at the same time as well.

Some of the Amenities

If you choose a registered home heating oil program for inspections and preventive maintenance, this type of program features amenities such as a $1,000 replacement warranty, scientific analysis and tracking, and ultrasonic inspection. Homeowners also receive an inspection certificate after a review of the tank is made.

If any repairs or services are not covered by this type of contract plan, they will be performed at the prevailing rate at the time of service. Again, this type of service plan covers heating system components and parts. Parts such as furnace-type piping or air-venting systems are not normally included in a regular service plan. Tanks with patches also are not included under this kind of protection.

Where to Obtain Further Details

You can learn more about preventative maintenance and installation when you visit our website andersenoilcompany.com today.

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