Local Movers In Connecticut Understand How Precious Your Household Belongings Truly Are

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Moving Companies

It’s never easy to have to move your entire household from one location to the next. Long time residents know that when it comes time to make any move, seeking Local Movers in Connecticut is the best way to go about it. Using a local moving company is the easiest way to relocate from one part of the state to another. Their movers not only know how to get to your present location promptly, but will be able to easily take all of your furniture and belongings to the next address.

Anthony Augliera Moving and Trucking of West Haven, CT is one of the Local Movers in Connecticut that residents highly recommend. This moving company knows the State of Connecticut like the proverbial “back of their hand.” They work to make sure each of their clients has the smoothest experience when moving their household goods as can possibly be arranged. Click here to investigate their web pages located online at Augliera.com.

Everything from antiques to highly fragile items are packed correctly to minimize the possibility of breakage or damage. Your mover will always make an effort to work with you on exactly when you need to have your home moved. For some people, this means having a truck outside of their house in the morning hours. Other customers may need to schedule a move later in the day to accommodate their own working hours.

As with any move, you are asked to make sure in advance, that your driveway or entry street location can fit a moving truck. This helps to save time when your movers arrive to get your belongings. If you need boxes, barrels or packing supplies, requesting these in advance from your moving team is another smart thing to do.

Begin your moving experience by making an itinerary of all the furniture and goods you will need to have relocated from one home to another. During the consultation with your movers, go over each item in detail. On the actual day of your move, make a point of going over each item with your driver. This is a great way to make sure there are no discrepancies at a later date.

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