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by | Jul 23, 2015 | Moving Companies

First-time and expert movers alike realize that moving is expensive and detail-rich, and both groups look for ways to economize and expedite the process. If one is among the 37 million Americans who move over 100 miles away from their current home each year, a long-distance mover may be required. The AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) says that the average cost of a 1,200-mile move is roughly $5000, but with planning the cost can be minimized.

Find Freebies

When evaluating long-distance moving companies, ask what complementary services they offer. Try to find a mover offering no-obligation, on-site estimates for an easy way to control moving expenses. Moving supplies and additional services can substantially increase a moving bill; ask the company about free boxes and packing materials, and inquire if Distance Movers in CT offer free furniture reassembly and door-to-door service.

Make A Checklist And Follow It

When moving, prepare a set of questions to ask potential moving companies; it makes the comparison and decision processes easier. Ask the movers about details such as free estimates, inventory of belongings, delivery service, furniture, dismantling and reassembly, and policies for damaged and lost items. Find out how the company charges: by volume, mileage, weight or a combination of the three.

Do not hire a mover without learning their policy on cancellation and deposit fees, minimum charges and extra fees such as bonding and insurance. Ask the moving company if it’s offering any sales, specials or discounts, and make copies of the checklist to use with each moving company during the evaluation phase.

Get Competitive Estimates

When comparing Distance Movers in CT, get several fixed estimates to find the best deal. Compare each estimate to the checklist mentioned above, and inquire about any discrepancies. Consider using a referral service, and be sure to provide accurate descriptions of your belongings to receive accurate quotes. Ideally, at least three quotes should be obtained before hiring Augliera Moving And Storage.

Beware Of Hidden Fees

If heavy or unusual items need to be moved, consider the additional cost for those services. Stairways, narrow entryways, elevators and other access types pose extra liabilities and challenges for movers, who typically pass those expenses to customers. If a mover offers a fixed estimate and they have been notified of unusual items, read the contract closely to find out what is covered and what is not covered by the estimate.

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