Turning Overworked, Underpaid Workers into Well Oiled Machines

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Business Services

Doug Dvorak is a motivational speakerIf your business seems to have lost its appeal to your staff there is a good chance they are feeling overworked and underpaid. It is not uncommon in today’s world of business for staff to be spread thin and not be able to enjoy a pay raise due to hard times. The truth of the matter is most people are just happy to have a job and one of the best ways to stop people from focusing on being overworked and underpaid is to learn to show them appreciation for their efforts.

Appreciation Program

You think you don’t have time to let people know they are appreciated. This is one of the most common mistakes business owners make. You know that without that team of yours your business would not exist, yet you do not even take a moment from your day to show them you know they work hard, work well and are needed. It is important to come up with some form of appreciation program that will recognize hard work and make it public that you can see the efforts being made by your staff. You can do something as simple as an “Employee of the Month” program or offer incentives such as paid time off. You might not think this means much to staff, but it actually does show you care and let them know their efforts are for naught. They will appreciate the pat on the back.

Promote from Within

Another big mistake managers and business owners make is to overlook their own team when a good opening comes up. Whether you have the need to create a new manager position or replace someone who has left, having a visible internal promotional program will help people see they have somewhere to go in the company. You can work with staff to help groom them for promotions, offer the chance to volunteer to sit on committees or become involved in special projects and take serious note of ambitions and goals of each staff member at bi-annual reviews.

Quarterly Company Meetings

Hold quarterly company meetings with a Motivational Speaker for Business, charts and graphs, awards and recognition presentations to let people know what is happening so they feel involved in the company’s plans. If you are able to keep your team involved they will become well oiled machines, working more effectively and productively which in turn will stop the insanity of feeling overworked.

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