Dental Patients Consider Lumineers in Lafayette LA to Quickly Improve Their Smiles

There is nothing as warm as a friendly smile. It communicates warmth, friendliness, acceptance, and joy. But some people are insecure about their smile. Perhaps they have crooked teeth that they were never able to have corrected as a child or stained teeth due to age, coffee, medications or other foods that never look their best. Some people are born with gaps or spaces between their teeth and braces were not an option for them. Some have very small or misshapen teeth and their gums seem to dominate their smile.

It used to be that correcting the appearance of teeth that were crooked or had gaps and spaces could only be remedied by years of orthodontia. People with stained teeth could only get limited and temporary results with brightening products. Dental procedures to correct chips were available but often required grinding and patients with misshapen teeth had very few options. But things have changed with the introduction of Lumineers.

Patients considering Lumineers in Lafayette LA have options available that can change their smiles forever. Lumineers are very thin, very strong veneers made of a special patented porcelain that is adhered to existing teeth. The application is painless and usually requires no drilling or shots. Patients who have chips, discoloration, gaps, misshapen or crooked teeth can have their smiles restored with Lumineers. Lumineers are beautiful, strong, will never stain and are quickly applied in two visits. They will withstand the rigors of eating and drinking and have a life span of 20 years or more.

Lumineers will transform a smile and make those who feel uncomfortable showing their teeth feel confident . Dentists who have participated in professional development courses in cosmetic dentistry have the training and expertise needed to offer patients consultation, treatment and application of Lumineers tooth veneers. Patients researching Lumineers in Lafayette LA have trained dentists who can help them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. This extra training helps insure that their dentist is current with best practices and techniques to create the best possible results for their patients.

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