Why is root canal therapy needed?

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Dentist

When the dentist in Waikoloa performs root canal therapy or treatment, he or she is actually removing the pulp from within the center of the tooth. Once the diseased or dead pulp has been removed the space that is left is cleaned thoroughly and filled, sealing off the actual root canal. In years past the treatment for a tooth which had a diseased or damaged root was to simply remove the tooth, today dentists prefer to save the tooth which in itself eliminates other problems such as teeth realigning themselves to take advantage of space.

Pulp damage, disease or death is most often caused by:

     *     A tooth which is cracked

     *     A tooth with a very deep cavity

     *     Trauma such as a severe blow to the tooth

If the tooth is not treated an infection can take hold at the root tip, this results in an abscess which causes a great deal of pain but also can destroy the jaw bone or even result in deadly sepsis.

How does the dentist in Waikoloa perform a root canal?

There are several steps that the dentist goes through; depending on the situation it may take place over several appointments. The first step is to open the tooth; this can be done through the crown, from the front or from the rear of the tooth. Using a series of small instruments, the dentist slowly removes the pulp. Once the pulp has been excised the chamber is cleaned, shaped and prepared for filling. In those cases where the process takes more than a single dental appointment, the opening is closed with a temporary filling. The final step is placing a custom crown over the top of what is left of the tooth; this crown restores the shape and appearance.

How long will the tooth last?

With proper care and attention to good dental hygiene, the restored tooth can last a lifetime. It must be understood that decay can happen even though the tooth has been subjected to treatment; it is important that the individual maintains his or her regular check-ups, proper cleaning and flossing.

As the pulp chamber is cleared the tooth is dead, as a result, the tooth can become brittle. When you have the procedure done by Kubo Brian S DDS Inc. a determination will be made at the time whether filling the tooth or fitting the tooth with a porcelain crown is the best solution to ensure the tooth is trouble free and long lasting.

If a tooth is damaged or diseased it may be necessary for the dentist in Waikoloa to perform root canal therapy. You are invited to make an appointment with Brian S. Kubo, DDS, Inc.

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