The Wonderful World of Lasers: Non-Surgical Laser Periodontal Therapy in Pewaukee, WI

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Dentist

Lasers are not just for futuristic movie franchises about continuing wars over stars. Laser treatment has permeated the dental industry in some innovative and wonderful ways. Lasers are commonplace in gum disease treatment through a process known as Laser Periodontal Therapy in Pewaukee WI. It treats both advanced and minor forms of gum disease solely through treatment with lasers. Those afraid of the dentist and scalpels can embrace this new technology that heals.

It traditionally works with patients who have gingivitis or periodontitis. The teeth and gums form a hard tartar and buildup of plaque. The plaque deposits bacteria that continues to grow in the mouth. It only accentuates the plaque growth, and the cycle continues. The bacteria may subsequently cause infections underneath the teeth (within the open areas around the bone structure). The infections cause tooth loss and prolonged infection in the mouth and gums.

This dramatic and common mouth problem can be treated through lasers. The lasers are used to actually clean the tarter buildup, particularly in the areas where the teeth and gums meet. The lasers are used to treat the soft tissue in the mouth. In the past, lasers were more effective in harder tissue areas where the lasers were less susceptible to causing damage. Advances in technology have allowed for superior lasers, allowing for periodontitis treatment at an advanced level.

There are now many approaches to Laser Periodontal Therapy in Pewaukee WI. The procedure has moved through various uses over time and is now a mainstay in many treatments. The entire treatment therapy may take upwards of two years. It involves scheduled reviews by the Family Dentistry practitioner. Steps are applied at home to continue healthy teeth maintenance.

Lasers are used in laser curettage, new attachment procedures, wound healing, laser root planning, and hard tissue application. Thankfully, the lasers allow for a non-surgical means of operation. It makes the procedure safer and eases many into a process that can be extensive and potentially painful. The lasers ease the pain dramatically. They make for treatment focused far less on pain and dramatic dental visits and more on a commitment to recovery. Contact Pewaukee Dental for more information.

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