Buying The Best Undervalued Stocks

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Business & Investment

If you want to know the best stock to buy in New York, you may think that you should choose stocks from the most well-performing companies that are high in value. However, this is not true and in fact some financial experts advise you to purchase undervalued stocks that have a lot of growth potential. Here are some of the best undervalued stocks that you can buy if you want the best stock to buy in New York

Dollar Tree

Currently Dollar Tree’s stock is undervalued but it has amazing growth potential according to financial experts. We’re living in a time where more families have returned to seeking bargains on a more frequent basis thanks to the current economic downturn and one store that is popular for this kind of shopping is Dollar Tree. This store carries everything from housewares to greeting cards for at least a dollar and up, and this store is also a popular place for cheap school supplies and party supplies.


While Ford’s overall performance was not as good as Toyota or General Motors recently, it still has room for growth and its car sales are still decent enough to where it can succeed in coming years. In addition, Ford increased its’ dividend payments by 30% in the early part of this year so if you invest in this company, you’re likely to get a good return on your investment. You also have the gratification of investing in an American company.


Some experts in stock trading feel that it is no use to buy stocks from Microsoft due to its’ somewhat lackluster performance but don’t let this fool you because in fact Microsoft has been doing fairly well. Microsoft also manages their debts well and their shares come at a good price with a yield of 7.2%. Another advantage is that you’re investing in a company that has maintained steady growth for a long time despite its’ setbacks.

Here are some general tips on getting the best stock to buy in New York. You should look over the company’s recent earnings as this influences whether you’ll get the best return on your investment. You also need to examine the company’s total liabilities and assets, and check out the current price. When seeking undervalued stocks, find out if poor performance in sales or other areas is the reason behind the lowered value and if those problems are temporary or permanent. Choose undervalued stock from companies in industries that are experiencing good growth. Finally, don’t rush into the purchase of undervalued stocks.

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