Sprinkler Repair: Dealing with Obstructions in Sprinklers

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Landscaping

One of the worrying problems of a sprinkler system is having a pipe that does not supply any water because of an obstruction. Whether your system has been serving you for a long time or it is new, you need to figure out whether the issue is something that you can fix, or you need professional Sprinkler Repair services.

There are many things that can cause obstructions in the sprinkler system. Knowing the common causes of obstruction will help you determine whether you can fix the problem yourself or call in an expert. These causes include:

1. Debris: Normally, debris in the piping system results from poor installation and repair jobs that were done poorly. There are plumbers who are careless enough to forget gloves, sand, paintbrushes, and other construction appliances in the piping systems when doing repairs. Another source of debris is when the sprinkler system pumps are used to suction water from raw sources. Sources such as pond water have a lot of scum that could be sucked up while pumping, causing obstructions later.

2. Pipe and residue scale: Sprinkler system pipes are filled with water and air alternately. As a result, moisture condenses in the air supply forming a hard scale at the bottom of the piping. This is one of the most common blocking materials. You should consult a repair expert if you suspect that your pipe has residue scale.

3. Biological growth: If your sprinkler system draws water from sources such as lakes and ponds, you should consider the possibility of organisms such as starfish obstructing the pipes. When these organisms cause obstruction, the system stops providing the much needed water for your lawn or garden.

4. Calcium carbonate deposits: This problem occurs mainly in areas that have excessively hard water. Over time, the minerals in the hard water react with the metal piping, forming lime scale deposits.

As you can see, some of the reasons behind sprinkler system obstruction can be quite complicated. When a simple flush is not helping, you should consult experts in Sprinkler Repair. To Know More about sprinkler systems and repairs, go to website

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