Use a Courier Service to Send Food from Anywhere to the USA

Everyone seems to love opening a package with delicious goodies inside, whether it be homemade cookies, special treats or prepackaged foods. However, you may think it impossible to send food to the USA from other countries, because of the worry of spoilage and the difficulty of getting it there. A courier service is the way to go as they can quickly ship items overseas to the USA, include foods.


There are millions of reasons to consider sending food to the USA. Most people will likely have a child studying at an American university and want to send them foods that remind them of home. This is a great way to let your child know you love them and help them keep loneliness at bay. You may also have family living in the US that truly enjoys foreign cuisine. While America does sell many different cultural foods and ingredients, it may be better that your family member receives the items from their own country.

You may also be a business owner in a foreign country that would like to start selling their food in the US, meaning you will need to send it safely and quickly to American stores.

Types of Food to Send

Most of the time, people do not send frozen homemade goods as it can be difficult to keep the food frozen during its long journey. However, almost anything can be sent including candy, sweets, pickles, snacks, spices, powders, savories, rice, wheat, grocery items, condiments, pastes and so much more. If you are unsure of a food item, you can always contact the courier to ask about specific items. They will be more than happy to answer your questions and tell you whether a specific food item can be sent properly and safely.

While frozen goods and fresh produce can be difficult to send, it is possible through couriers. Specialty equipment will be required, causing a slightly higher cost to send. However, almost all fresh produce is legal to be sent through USA customs. Most couriers do pose a minimum weight of one kilogram so that it is not considered a waste of time to send the item. They also include maximum weights per shipment, though this doesn’t mean you cannot send as much of something as you want. It may simply mean you must have two or more shipments of the same item.

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