Benefits of Utility Submetering

As early as the 1880s utility metering became a common practice to monitor the amount of resources which were being consumed. 100 years later, submetering was implemented and is used in a variety of applications and circumstances.

Purposes of Utility Submetering

Utility submetering is an innovative approach to monitoring the consumption of energy at any given time. Property and business owners use this method of energy consumption monitoring to account for the amounts of energy which are consumed in a specific location or sub-location of a residence, business or organization. The practice is helpful in isolating which areas are consuming the most energy and for appropriate sub-sectional billing purposes. Larger corporations and companies are better able to manage budget sectors by billing each entity within the organization for their actual energy consumption and for isolating their share of the bill.

Submetering As a Useful Tool for Managers

Utility submetering provides an opportunity for analyzing the energy consumption for specific locations and making comparisons with similar operations for the purpose of identifying the energy consumption patterns to determine if there are any changes which can be made to lessen energy consumption in key areas. For example, inefficiencies in old equipment, heating, cooling or other machinery may drive energy consumption to higher levels. Replacement or alteration of existing equipment or processes could result in dramatic energy conservation and savings for companies with high energy consumption patterns.

Multi-Family Property Management Tools

Managers of multifamily dwellings such as apartment complexes, duplexes or condos use utility submetering to separate the energy consumption figures for each separate dwelling, so each tenant is charged in accordance with their actual usage. This is also a helpful practice for families who depend on energy to operate a shared well system for their water usage.

Dependence upon guesswork when deciphering billing documents issued by the utility company is an expenditure of time and effort. Utility submetering solutions can provide immediate access to the data which is needed for decision-making and a fair distribution of energy consumption charges.

Utility submetering provides valuable information about energy consumption in specific areas of a residential area or business. It can be used for making useful changes which result in fairness in billing or lowering energy costs for companies. Managers have the ability to make better decisions in long-term forecasting and optimizing business activities through the investment in affordable innovations which will lower energy usage and costs.

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