Restore Your Vision With Vision Correction Surgery in Colorado Springs CO

Though glasses are a stylish accessory, many find them cumbersome. When a person is stuck with wearing contacts or glasses to be able to see properly, they often feel chained to these vision aids. Over the years, a procedure has been developed that allows corrective surgery to be performed on a person’s eyes. This can correct any vision problems and often allows people to say goodbye to wearing glasses and contacts for life. With vision correction surgery in the Colorado Springs CO area, a person’s eyes can finally focus correctly.

Vision Correction Surgery in Colorado Springs CO is becoming increasingly popular because it results in better vision for most people. The procedure only takes ten to fifteen minutes per eye and is now more affordable than ever.

Vision correction procedures are done with the use of a precise laser. There are no incisions made with scalpels and other cutting devices and there is no need for sutures. The procedure first involves creating a flap in the lens. This allows the doctor access to the cornea so it can be reshaped for better vision.

Depending on the type of vision correction a person needs, the cornea will be rounded, flattened or contoured. This is done with an excimer laser that uses a cool light beam to remove excess tissue and properly shape the cornea.

This procedure can be used to successfully treat astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). In most cases, a person is able to reduce their prescription or no longer need corrective vision aids at all.

With the amazing healing ability of the eye, the flap that is made in the lens self-seals so there is no need for sutures. The eye heals within a couple of days and people are able to see a difference in their vision right away.

If you are burdened with being chained to wearing your glasses or find contact lenses uncomfortable, you may be interested in pursuing this corrective procedure. Visit and allow them to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can learn if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

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