Industrial Metal Supply Companies Meet Global Demands

by | May 27, 2015 | Business

Metals are vital to our world. In fact, the majority of the earth’s elements are metal. No matter where you look, metal is the fabric of our communities. Ships, trains, planes, automobiles, road construction, architecture, appliances – everything you see will likely have some form of metal as part of its construction. Industrial metals will always be in high demand and those who specialize in metals will continue to serve a variety of industries with a wide range of products. From the bridges we cross to the pacemaker used in heart operations, metals not only enhance lives, they play a role in saving them.

The Most Popular Metals
Metals like steel and aluminum can be shaped and machined to meet the specific needs of any industry. Also to stocking and supplying metals to customers globally, there are additional services offered by those who specialize in industrial metal supply. San Diego companies choose metal supply experts to process their metals to meet certain requirements. Metals are valued for their strength and durability. They are resistant to extreme weather conditions and have a great aesthetic appeal that also contributes to their popularity.

Metal Supply Companies Offer Many Services:

* Fabrication
* Cutting to length
* Pipe threading
* Double – disk grinding
* Bending
* Band sawing
* Chamfering
* Edge trimming
* Production shearing
* Precision plate sawing and blanking
* Tee splitting
* Trepanning
* High definition CNC plasma cutting

Fabrication Services in the Metal Industry
When in need of industrial metal supply San Diego companies often rely on metal experts for their fabrication needs such as:

* Structural steel framing
* Stainless steel fabrication
* Stairs
* Ladders
* Pipe supports
* Conveyors
* Hoppers
* Pipe fabrication and spooling
* Catwalk fabrication
* Skid weldments
* Platforms
* Rebar cages

From Drawings to Reality
Top industrial metal supply companies are fully equipped with in-house experts who handle detailing needs using state – of – the – art tools such as AutoCAD and Tekla 3D building information modeling software. They work closely with clients to determine their design needs and meet their specifications through every step of the fabrication process. They bring designs to life with the help of design tools and automation equipment such as CNC units. With specialized equipment, metal supply companies can take client drawings and produce remarkably finished goods.

Metal Supply Inc. is a full-service structural steel fabricator and metal distributor with a reputation for adhering to some of the highest quality and customer service standards in the industry.

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