Where to go for a Dental Implant in Wichita, KS

Dental implants are used to resolve many dental imperfections such as shifting teeth or to support dentures, a crown or in some cases, a bridge. Implant surgery is done by a trained professional after much careful consideration. Implants and the procedures surrounding them have changed over the years. Many dental professionals now incorporate the use of technology during the surgery, and the material of the implant itself has improved drastically.

If a Dental Implant in Wichita is needed, consider the best sources for the surgery. Make sure the dental expert performing the surgery has many years of experience doing similar procedures with positive results. Omido Exquisite Cosmetic and General Dentistry has been in business for many years and the professionals there have done hundreds of dental implants. Professionals in this field can easily tell their clients if an implant is needed and then explain the necessary procedure in order to obtain the desired results. Trust the experts when it comes to surgical procedures.

Professionals use the latest Dental Implant in Wichita design as it has been proven to look and feel more like a natural tooth. The design includes a titanium post that connects to the jaw bone while the rest of the device will match the coloring of a natural tooth. Before choosing a type of implant though, the doctor must assess the patient’s situation to determine the correct materials and procedure for an implant based on each specific case. The dentist must run bone density tests to ensure that a bone graft is not necessary before surgery. He or she must then take impressions of the patient’s jawbone either physically or electronically if referring to a computer screen throughout surgery. These tests and impressions are used to determine the proper procedure for the implant surgery and treatment plan.

After surgery, the dentist will provide follow-up care instructions and set appointments to check on the patient. Typically, the recovery time for a dental implant is less than a week and complications are few. The dentist will assess the success of the surgery at the follow-up appointment. No further care is usually required for a dental implant. Or you can check their Google+ profile

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