Understanding the Benefits of Dog Training

Millions of people share their homes and lives with dogs. They may choose to go for the tiny little Yorkshire Terrier, or might have the massive Great Dane taking over the couch. No matter what size their companion is, one thing is certain, every dog and his family can benefit from Lafayette dog training sessions. This not only helps your dog in various ways, but it can help keep your family and your neighbors safe as well. Accidents happen, but aggressive or headstrong dogs may not always be the best option in highly populated areas.

The Well Mannered House Pet

Your dainty little princess perched on the sofa needs obedience too. While she might be royalty in your eyes, she can still have a disposition that can get her into trouble. Smaller dogs are generally more “snappy” and “mouthy” meaning they will throw a little temper tantrum when something doesn’t go their way. Some may call it spoiled, others may call it mean, but even your delicate lap dog can reap the benefits of proper training. She can learn how to share her toys and food bowls, can start to understand boundaries within the home, and you as her owner can even learn how to properly correct and redirect bad behaviors into something more acceptable.

The Safe City Dweller

Dogs that dwell in cities might call an apartment home. This usually means that their owners will walk them daily to get the needed exercise and relief they can’t get in a backyard. Unfortunately, dogs in cities can sometimes run into trouble if they are not well trained. If your dog were to slip his collar or you were to drop the leash during a walk, he could get into traffic and get hurt or worse. Learning basic come and heel commands can actually save your dog’s life, as well as prevent any accidents which can harm other people.

The Obedient Country Dog

Dogs in the country can benefit from Lafayette dog training classes in a variety of ways. Rural areas may have an abundance of wide open spaces to run off leash, but they could also have livestock and other things a dog should not harass. By having an obedient and well trained dog, you can allow him to have a bit of freedom off leash while having the peace of mind knowing he will return immediately when you call him. This not only keeps neighboring livestock safe, but keeps your furry companion safe as well.

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