3 Reasons to Adopt a Yorkie Puppy

A brand new litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies is for sale at Princess Puppies, and we couldn’t be more excited! Yorkies seem to be a dog that people either love or hate, for many reasons. For those that aren’t too sure about adopting a Yorkie, we’ve put together three reasons that will convince you in no time! These sweet little dogs have a surprising bit of athletic spunk hidden behind their doll-like faces, and they can be quite the character. Here are three reasons to adopt a Yorkie puppy:

1. They don’t shed – or at least, not much. Yorkies have beautiful silky coats that make them very recognizable little dogs. Their “top knot” and fluffy ears are cute traits that often make owners fall in love. But a bigger reason to love their coat is that they very rarely shed. Yorkies only have a single layer of hair, rather than two coats like most dogs, which means they don’t tend to lose hair. When grooming correctly, you aren’t likely to ever see hair shedding.

2. They are great for people who don’t want to exercise a dog. Whether you have a very busy life, a physical disability that prevents you from exercising, or just don’t want to spend your time walking a dog, a Yorkie is a good choice. While they do have lots of energy, they tend to work it all out in short, 20-minute bursts of activity. Less than half an hour of romping around the yard and your Yorkie will be ready to relax for the day.

3. Yorkies are easy to train. Yorkies have been proven to be very intelligent dogs, far above the normal canine average. They can be very fast learners when given the right incentive. Of course, this also means that a Yorkie can be a bit stubborn – but if you start young with a brand new Yorkie puppy, you’ll have one of the most obedient dogs in existence. This makes Yorkies great for newer owners that worry about their ability to train a dog.

Those three reasons are just the tip of the iceberg as far as we are concerned. The Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale at Princess Puppies go fast, so be sure to come to check out the new litter soon! We’re positive they’ll win you over.

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