Types of Indoor Air Quality Products

The role of the HVAC system in a home is to keep the inside temperature regulated; however, when Indoor Air quality products are integrated with it the system can do so much more. There are some HVAC systems that have a standard filter, but this is not designed to improve interior air quality. This means, for homeowners seeking a way to improve indoor air quality, other products need to be implemented. Some of the most popular products used for improving air quality are highlighted here.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaning is considered a general term that refers to both the air purifiers and air filters. The primary difference between these two is that the term “filters” actually refers to the mechanical product and the term “air purifiers” refers to electronic cleaners that utilize UV germicidal lights.

Air filters that are available come in a number of different strengths, making their effectiveness vary. In order to determine how effective an air filter is, the MERV number is used. Both the air purifiers and filters can capture allergens; however, they can only capture a small number of biological contaminants. This is why adding UV light is necessary.

The germicidal lighting will eradicate and destroy any biological contaminates. However, this lighting cannot clean non-biological particles, such as dust, which is why they are often seen used in conjunction with an air filtration system or air cleaner.


There are other Indoor Air quality products to consider, as well. For example, for those who live in areas with low humidity, humidifiers can be invaluable. These are designed to balance the low humidity that is often found in homes. They can be integrated with the HVAC system to ensure whole house comfort.

There are quite a few options to consider when it comes to indoor air quality. For more information on the subject, visit the Burgesons.com website. Here industry professionals can answer any questions that may be asked to ensure that everyone finds the right indoor air quality product for their home. Part of comfort is clean air, which is why these products are so popular for homes.

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