Signs It’s Time for Manual Transmission Repair in GR

Next to repairing a vehicle’s engine, replacing the transmission is the most expensive repair a vehicle owner faces. In fact, this can cost as much as $2,500 to completely replace a faulty transmission. Having the existing transmission repaired or rebuilt is even more costly and can be as much as $3,000 or more, depending on the make of the vehicle and damage to the transmission.

A more affordable option is to seek Manual Transmission Repair in GR when a problem is first noticed. Some of the warning signs that these repairs are necessary are highlighted here.

Shaking when Shifting Gears

A normally functioning transmission will help to keep the ride smooth when the gears are being shifted. When manual transmissions shake or do not shift smoothly, then it may be the indication of a damaged gear synchro, worn clutch, or more extensive internal problems.

Burning Fluid Smells

When transmission fluid gets extremely hot, it has a very distinct and acrid smell that is similar to burning rubber. Transmission fluid that burns is an indication that it is dripping on the hot engine parts or that there is extremely dirty fluid that needs to be drained and then replaced with new fluid. If a vehicle is run with contaminated, old fluid, it can be extremely harmful to the transmission as well as the engine.

Noises while in Neutral

Another indication that Manual Transmission Repair in GR is necessary is if there are strange sounds when the vehicle is in neutral. Any type of ticking, groaning, or whining sounds that have not been heard before are indication that a problem may be present. In many cases, regular wear and tear of parts such as the gear teeth and bearings can cause sounds that indicate a transmission is about to fail.

For more information about when to seek manual transmission repair, contact Bob’s Transmission today. Here, an owner’s questions can be answered to ensure that a vehicle continues operating properly. This will also prevent smaller problems from becoming larger and more expensive to repair and have fixed so that the vehicle operates properly once again.

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