Tips for Lawn Care in Norfolk

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Landscaping

Taking care of your lawn adds curb appeal to your home. It can also significantly increase the market value of your home. Studies have shown that adding the right flowers, trees, and other plants to your home can make the home increase by at least 5 thousands dollars. You may want to look at your neighbor’s lawn to see how theirs looks. Making your look similar to another home that is appealing will make yours blend in more. This can also increase the value of it. Good Lawn Care in Norfolk is one of the key factors of selling a home.

To have good Lawn Care in Norfolk, set up a schedule for performing certain tasks. For example, you can make a chart showing when you prune your trees and plants, mow your lawn, pull weeds, fertilize, and so on. Making it too complicated will increase the likelihood of not doing jobs right. Try mowing your lawn twice a month. After you mow your lawn, fertilize and water it. Pulling weeds can be done every week depending on their growth rate. If you have family, make a game of doing yard work. Putting fun into these tasks will make it easier to have them completed.

Safety is the number one priority when performing Lawn Care in Norfolk. If you are lawn mower, it’s essential not to have children around you when operating this machine. Even if you think you have taken proper precautions, accidents can occur when you least expect it. Don’t let children ride in your lap while driving a riding mower. It’s unsafe to allow children near push mowers as well when they are operational. A good rule of thumb is to wait until a child is a teenager to start using lawn mowers.

Before you can perform Lawn Care in Norfolk, you have to have the proper equipment and tools. You can buy these for low prices at home centers and hardware stores in your area. Look for sales to save yourself money. If you have any questions about lawn care, please consult with a company such as Southern Roots Landscaping of VA.


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