The Role of Family Law in Hutchinson KS in Estate Planning

While many people understand that Family Law in Hutchinson KS involves issues like marriages, divorces, and making arrangements for child custody, not everyone is aware that family lawyers can also provide support in making financial plans. Specifically, they can help create the documents that form the basis for family estate planning. Here are some examples of the type of documents that have to do with this process.

Last Will and Testament

The basis for estate planning involves drafting a last will and testament. This document helps to ensure that the assets and possessions of the deceased are distributed according to his or her wishes. A document that is well drafted will not leave any room for questioning the desires and intent of the deceased. As a result, the possibility of legal issues arising from the settling of the estate is kept to a minimum.

Living Wills

Living wills are documents that grant a trusted individual the ability to make decisions for a loved one when he or she is not in a position to make those decisions. This can be especially important for people who are not part of legally recognized relationships. For example, a living will can provide authorization that allows medical personnel to disconnect life support devices if the chances of recovery fall under a certain range. The best living wills will also allow a loved one to authorize treatments when the patient is not able to authorize those processes for some reason.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is certainly one of the more common examples of a legal document that falls under the province of Family Law in Hutchinson KS. This type of document ensures that if the covered party is not able to make financial decisions, the person designated in the document can do so.

People do not need to have a vast array of assets in order to benefit from estate planning. Choose Oswalt Henry Oswald and Roberts to help go over the types of documents that would come in handy in terms of making sure that the family finances are managed properly. Doing so will provide a lot of peace of mind in the here and now, and will also be greatly appreciated by loved ones in the years to come.

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