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When you are dealing with a lot of debt, you are under an extreme amount of stress. You don’t know who you can talk to about the things that you are dealing with. You don’t know what to say when your creditors are contacting you telling you that you owe them money. Obviously, if you had money, you would be paying your bills. If this is a struggle for you, make sure that you contact a Bankruptcy Lawyer Tipp City OH.

You may be surprised to find out how quickly your debt can go away. Your lawyer will look at your situation and tell you right away whether or not bankruptcy is the right choice for you. If you do decide to file, there are two different types of bankruptcy to consider. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is where you reaffirm your debt with your creditors. This means that you will still pay back a portion of your debt. In return, you won’t have to worry about a repossession unless you fall behind on your debt.

If you don’t have any assets to lose, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your other option. Basically, this is the bankruptcy that you will file if you have credit card debt, medical bills, or even utility bills that you cannot pay. This debt will be wiped away once and for all and you will have no obligation for repayment. Keep in mind, if you are filing a bankruptcy against your doctor’s office or your credit card company, they will most likely close your account. This is something that your Bankruptcy Lawyer Tipp City OH will tell you more about.

Shipman Dixon & Livingston Co. L.P.A. Tipp City OH is a Bankruptcy Lawyer who will be happy to work with you. They are fully aware of the bankruptcy laws and they know how to talk to your creditors so that they will not come after you with harassing phone calls. You don’t want to go through this alone. You have a lot of concerns and you need to know for certain that things are going to fall into place. Set up your first appointment today and your lawyer will get started with helping you to file bankruptcy. Visit Sdlattorneys.com for more details.

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