DUI Lawyers in San Diego CA: Cases When DUI Charges Get Dropped

Any pending or ongoing DUI case against you should be taken care of immediately as you might risk soiling your name which might give you a hard time in the job industry. If you have been charged with a DUI case and you want the case to be dismissed, the first step towards attaining your goal is finding DUI Lawyers in San Diego. The Lawyers you choose will take a look at your case and by that, he will be able to determine if the case can be easily dismissed. Below are some of the reasons your DUI case might be dismissed.

You might have been driving while drunk, but was that the initial reason the police officer stopped you? If the police officer stopped you because you were driving carelessly or over speeding, the public might have a strong case against you as your mode of driving might have caused an accident. However, if for instance the police officer stopped you at a road block just to check your license which you happened to have and he noted that you were drunk, chances of the charges being dropped are high. A DUI lawyer ensures that the charges are dropped

The officer in charge of your arrest is also important in this kind of case as he acts as a witness. His presence is required in the court failure to which the case can be dismissed or another hearing date can be set for the case. If the officer fails to attend the second hearing, the case is as good as dismissed. Most states have a time limit from the day you were arrested to the day of your first hearing. If the time limit exceeds, your lawyer has a good reason to have the case dismissed.

During your arrest, whatever the reason may be, you have the right to know your rights. The officers in charge of your arrest should make sure that they read out your Miranda rights. If for some reason the rights were not read out to you, your lawyer has a reason to demand that the case be dropped.

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