The Power and Durability of Polyester Powder Coating

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Business

There are all types of durable powder coating solutions that protect steel and other metals from corrosion. Manufacturers understand the destructive and degradation of corrosion on metal. In addition to general corrosion, there are other factors that can degrade steel. The good news is that there are commercial suppliers that formulate and sell durable coatings to protect components and parts. One of the most widely used metal finishes in the U.S. market is polyester powder coating.

Heat Application
Thermoplastic and thermoset are two types of applications of powder coatings. Thermoset powder coatings such as polyester melt when exposed to heat, but they then chemically cross-link or with other reactive components. The final cured coating has a different chemical structure than the basic resin. Thermosetting coatings are heat-stable and unlike thermoplastic powders, will not soften back to liquid when reheated. Thermosetting powders are derived from four generic types of resins including epoxy, acrylic, polyester, and fluoropolymer.

Polyester powder coating provides a broad application using different chemical combinations to produce polyester/TGIC, Polyester/TGIC-free, Super-durable Polyester and Polyester hybrids. It’s no wonder this powder coating finish covers 60 % of the U.S. market.

Commercial Application
Polyester powder coatings are produced for metal finishes. Depending on the formulation, they can be applied to steel that is cleaned and phosphatized. Application to metal surfaces is done with an air-assisted electrostatic powder spray gun, which will apply a uniform dry film coating and superior surface coverage. There is a curing process, and colors are easily matched between batches.

Cost Benefit
Some examples of industries that utilize polyester powder coating include agricultural farming, automotive, construction, HVAC, household appliances, railways and more. As the name suggests, powder coatings do not require a chemical solvent in their formulation. Take away the need for a toxic solvent and that provides manufacturers with a less toxic assembly line for workers. It also reduces costs associated with safety compliance and disposal of chemical solvents.

If you need to locate a specialty supplier of coatings and metal platings, check on their track record and years of experience. Past customers can be any business’s best advertisement for the products and services they produce.

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