The importance of a divorce lawyer in contested and uncontested divorces

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A divorce lawyer is instrumental in procuring the desired outcome for their clients in a divorce proceeding. This legal professional is responsible for obtaining relevant facts and information pertaining to the case while handling various tasks and practice areas within the field of divorce and family law. With the assistance of a divorce lawyer in Suffolk County, NY, an individual seeking a contested or uncontested divorce can obtain the most favorable outcomes.

Filing for divorce

When it is time to file for divorce, the divorce lawyer will file the divorce summons and complaint in the proper Suffolk County, NY courts. The divorce will then commence and the other party will receive notification that the divorce was filed. The spouse that receives notice can then respond with their own claim while showing any relevant defenses against the spouse.

Once the divorce has been filed, it may proceed in one of two ways which include contested and uncontested divorce. A contested divorce involves a hearing or trial and occurs when the other spouse does not agree to the divorce and its terms. An uncontested divorce typically does not require any intervention or involvement by the courts but may require mediation and settlement assistance which is provided by a qualified divorce lawyer.

Child support

A divorce lawyer in Suffolk County, NY often has to deal with issues of child support on behalf of their clients. Child support is a set amount that is paid out each month from the spouse who does not currently live with the child. Although this amount is set by the court, a divorce attorney can explain the rights and responsibilities to their clients.


Alimony also known as spousal support is paid out to the spouse who does not have the same financial capabilities as the other spouse. The amount awarded is sufficient to help them maintain the same standard of living that they had during the marriage. A divorce lawyer can help their client to get the amount of spousal support they want or they can ensure that their client does not have to pay too much alimony.

Understanding the role of a divorce lawyer in a contested and uncontested divorce can aid the individual in obtaining the services of a qualified attorney who can help them throughout the divorce proceedings.

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