Dirty Windows? Professional Window Cleaning in Suffolk County Can Clean Them Quickly

Windows should be cleaned every six months. This is a difficult chore, because people often have to climb ladders to get to second-floor windows. People who might be unsteady or don’t like heights should hire professional Window Cleaning Suffolk County. They have the equipment to do the job properly and easy. It often begins with a bucket truck. This allows the window cleaner to stand safely and work with confidence. It is much safer and easier than balancing on a ladder with cleaning equipment.

Professional window cleaners know that simple materials work well to clean windows. Usually they use a mild liquid cleaner, such as dish washing liquid. They also need squeegees in a variety of sizes and soft, lint-free cloths. To clean a large bay window with a single-pane of glass, the window cleaner will apply the soapy solution to the entire window. He will then use a large squeegee to remove the soapy liquid from the glass. A large squeegee usually measures about 18 inches. Window cleaners use a broad s-shaped motion to remove the soapy water. They move from one side of the window to the other using this sweeping motion. After each s-shaped motion, the cleaner wipes the squeegee with a cloth. This prevents any streaks. Once the cleaner has moved across the window, there may be some soapy solution at the edge of the window pane. The best technique is to use a clean and dry cloth to wipe that area.

Windows with smaller panes need a squeegee that matches the pane size exactly. Professional Window Cleaning Suffolk County technicians carry a small saw with them. They then cut their squeegee to the needed size. They use a strong and firm sponge to apply the soapy solution to the window. Then they take the squeegee and pull it from the top of the pane to the bottom. This removes the solution and prevents streaks. If it’s been awhile since the windows have been cleaned, the cleaner may have to use fine steel wool to remove hard water stains. Applying a protective coating will prevent this in the future. The coating needs to be applied each time the window is cleaned.

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