Needing A DWI Attorney In Ocean City, MD

A DWI can be very serious in Maryland. Drivers can be arrested even if they are not actually impaired. The only requirement is to have a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or greater. The maximum blood alcohol level for people under 21 is .02%. Further, driving on a Maryland highway means drivers consent to a chemical test for alcohol. If the driver still refuses to take the chemical test, their license can be suspended for up to a year.

Whether it is your first or third DWI, hire a DWI Attorney in Ocean City MD. The consequences for this crime can be life-shattering. Defendants can lose their license and not be able to work to support a family. Visit and learn how to make an appointment. Additionally, jail time in Maryland starts at five days for a second offense and ten days for a third offense. Moreover, convictions stay on one’s record for five years. One of the benefits of having a DWI Attorney in Ocean City, MD is working out a plea bargain.

It is always best to try and negotiate rather than have the DWI on your record. Some prosecutors are willing to reduce the DWI to reckless driving. Reckless driving is not as serious and may be considered a misdemeanor. Why would the prosecutor negotiate? The prosecutor may feel like there is room for the defendant to walk away from the charges. A DWI defendant can be charged with reckless driving because they could have caused serious injury to themselves or others. An experienced lawyer is more likely to be able to negotiate a plea. They know the prosecutors and judges in the jurisdiction. This means they know which prosecutors are more willing to deal.

Likewise, it is recommended to have an attorney if one wants to sentence bargain. Defendants who do not have the money to pay fines may try to get them lowered. Everyone tries to lower the amount of jail time. People who decide to go to trial definitely need an attorney. The legal system is complicated, and DWI evidence is scientific. Do not try to represent yourself on very serious charges. Make sure your rights are protected.

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