The Benefits of Using Plumbing Compression Fittings

One of the most widely used plumbing tools in any home is the brass fitting, which is a much easier method of connecting copper pipes than sweating is. Fittings can be used in a variety of different situations and for many plumbers; they are a lifesaver in a tight pinch. One of the most important parts of finding high quality fittings is using a supplier who only has the best. The following are a few of the many benefits of using Compression Fittings for plumbing and other industrialized applications.

Easy to Assemble

One of the biggest benefits of using compression fittings is that they are very easy to put together, even for beginners in the plumbing field. All you have to do is slide the nut of the fitting onto the pipe and then install the compression ring. After this, you need to get a pair of pliers and tighten down the nut you just installed. As you start to tighten down on the nut, the compression ring will begin to form a watertight seal around the pipe itself. Once you are done, the pipe and the fitting will be secure and tight. You will also be able to take the compression fitting apart easily, which helps when you have to do repairs or maintenance to the pipe.

The Hassle of Sweating Pipes

Another benefit of using compression fittings is that they are much easier to install and use than sweating pipes, which is a long and drawn out process that takes a lot of skill. Trying to sweat a copper pipe without experience can lead to disaster. Unless you are a master plumber, you need to use compression fittings to join all of your pipes together. This will ensure that you will have no leaks when you are finished, which means you can move on to other jobs.

Reusable and Cost Effective

Most plumbers on a budget prefer to use compression fittings because they are both durable and reusable. If you take them off and on with care, you will be able to reuse a compression fitting many times over. The only part of the fitting that you will have to replace is the compression ring, which is only cost a few cents.

By using compression fittings, you will be able to have a leak free and sturdy finished product. Be sure to find a supplier who only carries high quality compression fittings. To know more visit Gruner Brass Fitting Corp.


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