Security Clearance Services-Ensure Highly Qualified Personnel

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Employment

Security clearance services can help you to know who you have working for you in detail. Any business that holds a government contract or that hopes to secure one will have to have employees that have been cleared to work in different areas with different levels of clearance. The main obstacle to small businesses securing these clearances for their employees is the time factor. It is a process to get a security clearance. The process has several different steps involved that can be time consuming for an employer to manage.

Outsource the Screening
A lot of employers have found that outsourcing the screening for a security clearance can really help in several ways:

  • It can expedite the process when the employer does not have to deal with the details, more specifically find the time to deal with the details
  • It removes the responsibility from the employer for navigating the system
  • It allows you to stay focused on business matters vital to your business

Any employer that has to source highly qualified personnel to work on government contracts will freely tell you that the pre-screening is a grueling process. Checking all the references, work history, education certifications and other details can be a full time job.

Shedding some of the responsibility is also a nice feature of having security clearance duties outsourced. Every box has to be checked to find highly qualified personnel that can pass the screening. It can involve long phone calls, emails and other checking. You miss one box that you do not check and you risk your contract.

Worrying about security clearances, background checks and drug testing really just keeps you from focusing on what your responsibilities to the business are. Outsourcing is the answer! Innovative Employee Solutions can help!

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