Security Clearance Services: Top Reasons Your Employee Security Clearance Was Rejected

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Employment

Every employer has been there. Your office of personnel management has rejected the application of a candidate because their security clearance was rejected. If it is an applicant you really wanted to hire, it can be frustrating they didn’t pass the security clearance services background checks.

Missing Information

One of the key reasons an employment security clearance through security clearance services is denied is there is missing information on the application. This missing information can include employment information, spousal information, such as a Social Security number, missing relative information or even the absence of an explanation regarding prior or present drug usage. These things are usually easily avoided if the potential employee does a complete once-over of the forms before submitting.

Other Items That Can Cause a Rejection

There are a few other items that can result in a rejection as well. These include things, from the simple to the complicated. Items, such as a missing fingerprint card or one that wasn’t submitted on time or education and residence forms that weren’t provided can prove to be troublesome for you and the potential employee and will result in a rejection. A discrepancy in the date of birth or even the place of birth can result in a rejection as well.

The best way to ensure your employees don’t end up being rejected by the security clearance services is to ensure they fill out the forms required completely and carefully. Even the smallest mistake can result in being rejected and you losing out on what could have been a valuable addition to your team.

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