Reasons to Hire a Mold Inspector before Purchasing a New Home

Mold is a fungus that is well-known for growing in warm, moist areas of a building. Even though mold can be visually seen by the naked eye, the fungi can often go undetected when it goes in closed spaces such as walls or under carpeting. The older the home is the greater chance of mold growth is possible, however mold can be found in newer homes too. From high humidity to flooding, there are various factors that contribute to mold growth in a home. Before investing your money into a new home, it is a wise decision to have a mold inspector in Newport Beach, CA to inspect the home for possible mold growth.

Advantages of Inspecting the Home

  • You can be aware of any mold growing in the home and how severe of a problem there is that can affect your decision on whether you should purchase the home.
  • Mold removal can be expensive depending on the severity of the growth. You can ask the buyer to remedy the issue before purchasing the home or offer a lower price to reflect the cost of removing the mold.
  • Prevent potential health problems that are caused by mold by not purchasing the home or fixing the issue before moving in.
  • A mold inspector in Newport Beach, CA has access to infrared imaging that can detect the level of mold in the home.
  • The buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing by having the home inspected before closing on the deal.

Own a Healthy and Happy Home

Mold can pose a serious problem for individuals with a compromised immune system and chronic lung diseases. It can even create health problems such as skin irritations, stuffy noses, and difficulty breathing for people with asthma. Home Front Inspect can provide the services required to detect mold and provide the opportunity for the problem to be solved before the individual invests their money into the property.

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