Combustion gas analyzers help you keep the gas concentrations in check

Combustion of any item leads to the generation of huge amount of gases. Greater is the magnitude of combustion more is the emitted gas. Industries require a huge amount of power generation which is done by burning fossil fuels, coal, gasoline, etc. This combustion leads to a generation of gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and even oxygen. Sometimes oxides of sulfur and nitrogen are also produced, if the combustion temperature is too high, which is considered harmful if left untreated.

These gases are generally referred to as combustion gases produced in boilers, burners, gas turbines, furnaces, heaters, and laboratory analysis. Combustion analysis is thus an important process which is helpful in not only determining the concentration of the combustion gases but also improve fuel economy, reduce undesirable exhaust emissions and improve the safety of various equipment used for burning fuel. This analysis is carried out with the use of combustion gas analyzer. This instrument basically helps in the measurement of gas concentration and even gas temperature in flue gases coming from pipes.

The process includes inserting a probe of the combustion gas analyzer into the exhaust tube for sample withdrawal followed by its analysis. One can even use portable gas analyzers which when brought to the proximity of the combustion gas mixture analyses it and gives a detail description of its content. The combustion gas analyzers not only measures and displays the individual gas concentration but also calculated the combustion efficiency.

Once the data is obtained, you can either opt to store it for future use or get it printed. The analyzer is equipped to measure the stack gas and air temperature and the draft and differential pressures. It can also be further upgraded for the addition of more sensors and better accuracy. The device is usually packed with rechargeable lithium ion battery for on-site use.

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