An Easy-to-Understand Guide to US Visa Application

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Business Services

A US visa is one of the hardest visas to obtain, but fortunately, the process has been made easier with the availability of an online application and scheduling system. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a US visitor visa, or B2 visa.

1. Get a Digital Photo of Yourself

As part of the US visa process, you are required to submit a recent photograph of yourself. The photo has to meet certain requirements. If you are taking the photo at a professional photo studio, just let the photographer know that you will be applying for a US visa. Take note that embassies or consulates in some countries may want you to take the photo at an offsite facilitation center or application service center.

2. Complete Form DS160

DS160 is the form that you need to fill out when applying for a US visitor visa. Complete the form online and print out the 10-digit confirmation code that will be provided after you submit the form.

3. Pay the Visa Application Fee

The fee for US visa process can be paid in cash at designated banks or transferred electronically through a bank. You can find out about the payment options available by creating a profile at the US Visa Service website and choosing the “Schedule Appointment” option. The payment options will be displayed on the payment confirmation screen.

4. Set Appointment for Visa Interview

You need to schedule two appointments as part of the US visa process. The first appointment is for submitting biometric information such as fingerprints and photograph, and the second one requires you to undergo a personal visa interview.

5. Go for the Visa Interview

Visit the US embassy or consulate on the day of your interview. Make sure you bring all the necessary documents, including:

• Current passport, and old ones if available
• Photograph
• Visa fee receipts
• DS160 confirmation printout
• Interview appointment letter
• Supporting documents

Upon approval, you will receive your visa at the location that you selected when you scheduled your appointment. If you encounter any problem while applying for your US visa, you may want to seek advice from a US visa service provider, contact website. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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