Pool Ionization Is the Healthier Alternative to Chlorine Treatments

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Swimming Pools and Spas

If you’re a pool owner, you’re probably very familiar with the ritual of pool cleaning with chlorine. It’s been one of the more commonly accepted truths about pool ownership that you have to invest in a fair amount of chlorine to keep your pool free of bacteria each summer. Then, in the cooler months, you might let your cleaning slacken, in which case you have to start almost from scratch again once the weather warms up once more. While it is quite effective, chlorine and other chemical sanitizers could be doing as much harm to you as they are to the bacteria in your pool.

Get Science to Work for You

This is why we think you should consider utilizing the natural processes of ionization to clean your pool. What is pool ionization? If you ever take a look at a public fountain, you’ll likely see the water is quite clear. This is achieved not with any chemical additives, but with the release of copper and silver ions from the coins themselves. The same process can be harnessed and put to use cleaning your pool, doing away with the harmful effects of chlorine by letting positively charged copper and silver ions attack and kill the cells of algae and bacteria in your pool.

Pool ionization is also healthier than chlorine. The chemical elements at work when you use chlorine are less harmful to you and your skin than they are to the algae and bacteria that can make your pool greenish and unsafe to swim in, but over time chlorine exposure will add up and you won’t like the result. That eye irritation we all grew up with is just the start. Clearwater Pool Systems wants you to avoid the slippery slope that is chlorine, using a different kind of scientific process than drowning bacteria in chemicals, be the key to a cleaner, healthier pool each summer.

You Still Have Work to Do

You will still need to test your pool regularly, to ensure that it is safe for you and your family and friends to swim in. This is especially so after a rainstorm, when droplets can carry down other chemicals from the atmosphere, or runoff can carry harmful elements into your swimming pool without you noticing. The pool ionizers we provide you with can handle the cleaning workload without you needing to worry more than the average pool owner.

Over time, thanks to us you’ll notice your pool is far cleaner and clearer than it would be if you were filling it with chlorine each and every week. We are confident that thanks to Clearwater Pool Systems, you and your family will be able to enjoy summer after summer of chlorine-free fun in the sun.

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