When Would It Be Wise To Consider The Use Of Stainless Steel Straps?

If you are even thinking about using metal straps it should follow that you are familiar with the concept of utilising a relatively narrow strip of flat metal for securing things in place or bundling together items like metal pipe, tubes or even wooden poles, etc, etc. You will know how to cut the required length from a roll of metal banding material; pass it around whatever is to be strapped and then pull the strap tight and join the ends together. You will be using metal strapping because you require maximum strength and feel that the likes of plastic strapping might fail you; either by not clamping tightly enough or, by breaking under the clamping tension.

What Type Of Metal?

Many metals could be used to produce the strip suitable for strapping; some are not used because they are not flexible enough; others because they are too weak and some because the basic metal is either too expensive or too scarce. Steel is by far the most common strapping material for metal straps.

What Type Of Steel?

Steel is basically an alloy of iron and carbon with other elements added in small dosages to vary the properties of the final result it is readily available in many different formulations, sizes and shapes but, of importance for metal strapping, it is often produced in rolled form (e.g. for automobile bodies and the like). These steel rolls can have the ideal thickness for straps and can be easily sliced to the relatively narrow width of a typical strap. Cold-rolled, medium carbon steel is the basic strapping workhorse while additional heat treatment will provide higher tensile strength and improved shock resistance.

However, all carbon steels are prone to rusting and other types of corrosion. Painting and galvanizing can slow down these problems but where the straps are to be in place for a long period of time – as would be the case with road signage strapped to a sign pole – extra corrosion resistance is advised. Fortunately, this can be readily obtained by upgrading to Stainless Steel Straps.

Additional chromium and other elements are alloyed with carbon steel to produce a wide number of stainless steel grades with superior corrosion resistance, higher strength and improved performance at high temperatures. Most of these grades are available in rolled form suitable for conversion into Stainless Steel Straps. Use these and your sign will stay up as long as the pole is standing – regardless of the weather. For more information, visit Independent Metal Strap.

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