Necessary Scuba Diving Equipment

If you are a new diver, chances are you have taken classes or been educated by a friend on how to scuba dive. But do you know what scuba diving equipment you will need? There are several pieces of equipment that every scuba diver needs, including a dive mask.

Dive Mask

The dive mask that you choose is an important part of scuba diving. The mask you choose determines how well you will be able to see, how well you can keep water off of your face, and whether or not your goggles will fog. It is recommended that dive masks be constructed of high-quality, impact resistant glass with a silicone seal. Make sure that they fit your face properly.


The fins that you choose will depend on the way that you are propelled through water. Therefore, you do not want a blade that is too small or a blade that is too large. The fin will be made of either composite plastic material or neoprene rubber. The inside of the fin should also fit your foot comfortably.

Scuba Suit

When choosing scuba diving equipment, you will notice you can choose either a wetsuit or a dry suit. A wetsuit insulates your body to protect from cold temperatures, but also allows you to get wet while you wear it. A dry suit is designed to keep you dry in the water. The suit you need will depend on the hazards of the area you are diving in, such as stinging animals, sharp corals, and cold temperatures.

Weight System

Have you ever noticed that people tend to float in the water? This buoyancy is the reason that scuba divers need a weight system. A weight system often consists of a weight belt with a quick release system, designed to allow you to drop your lead weight and float quickly. This is critical scuba diving equipment for divers who want to swim below the surface.

BCD (Buoyancy Control Device)

Your Buoyancy Control Device, or BCD, is necessary to have control in the water- whether you are walking on the floor of the ocean, floating on the surface, or drifting in mid-water. It is also responsible for holding your tank.

Scuba Tank

Your scuba tank holds oxygen. It will provide the air that you breathe throughout your dive. You should choose the right size tank for the depth that you want to go while diving.

SPG (Submersible Pressure Gauge)

Your SPG is a mechanical gauge that is used to measure the amount of air in your diving tank. This is for your safety, so you can reach the surface well before you run out of air. Some gauges even allow you the option of breathing rate evaluation, so it can tell you how long you have left.


There are several other miscellaneous scuba diving equipment items that you should have handy while scuba diving. These include a scuba gear bag, dive light, dive computer, dive knife, signaling equipment, and a dive watch.

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