Beginner Tips for Float Tube Fishing

With lots of fishing rivers available in many parts of the country, local lakes tend to be forgotten. But when the rivers run low, anglers turn to lakes for refuge. What would we do without them? But here is the problem with lakes, accessibility. Most are surrounded by bushes and are not easily accessible from the shore. But with the calm waters calling out to you, you have to find a solution. But what? Well, you can consider watersports tubes. These are just sophisticated inflatable fishing rafts powered by a fisherman’s flippered feet. They have numerous advantages, and you just have to get one for yourself. To a newbie, however, using it for the first time can be intimidating. Below are some pointers to help you get the hang of things faster.


On the night before you go fishing, ensure you learn how to inflate your tube. Check to see if your inflator has batteries. If you want, you can inflate it the same night and leave it till morning just to ensure it’s not leaking.

Be warm

Your normal waders and shorts won’t cut it. The lake waters may be calm but pretty unforgiving when it comes to the cold. Dress up in warm socks, a cap and layers of clothes. You would rather take them off while on the shore when the heat intensifies. You should not care to wear gloves. They will be wet in no time – probably before you even get settled on the tube. A dry hand towel is, however, recommended.


Before you go further away from the lake’s shore, it is best you practice how to propel yourself back and forth in a shallow area close to land. Also, practice casting your line until it feels comfortable. It will take some time so exercise patience.

Push your fears aside

Being worried is expected. In fact, it’s a normal reaction everyone has to the unknown. However, you should find comfort in the fact that you will be floating waters 15 feet deep and wearing waders. But if you can’t shake it off, ditch your normal vest and get a life vest.

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